How to speak landscaping?

North Idaho Landscape Supplies  Glossary

If you are new to landscaping we want to provide you with some common terms (“lingo”) currently used.  We hope this helps prepare you for your discussions with your Landscape Supply company.

Decorative Bark:   Comes in a broad range of colors and textures.  Some help to control moisture, some control insects and most make for a more attractive landscape.

Decorative Rock:  Nature provides us with a huge selection of colors, textures and sizes to accent your landscape project.  Properly placed, these products can help you control weeds and add personalized beauty to your outdoor areas. 

Compost:  Compost is the term used to describe "decayed organic material used to enhance plant growth".  We offer two varieties.  Basic compost, which is a combination of rotted leaves, grass and other plant material and what we call "Nitro Compost".  This product comes from composted 90 year old red fir bark.

Fill Dirt:  Fill dirt is soil that is generally used to structure the base levels and grades of your landscape, fill holes, and etc.  This soil is often a compilation of organic and non-organic materials and not the best choice for quality plant growth.

Topsoil:  Topsoil is the upper, outermost layer of soil.  Usually the top 2 to 8 inches where the highest concentration of organic material.  This is usually where the most growth activity occurs.  

Custom Blended Soil:  To boost the ability of your beds and lawns, blended soils are an excellent choice.  We offer two blends.  Our 3-way Blend combines topsoil plus a mixture of basic compost and our Nitro-compost and is a fine choice when drainage is not an issue.  When you need a soil that facilitates water migration, our 4-way Blend has the same mixture as the basic along with additional sand. 

Yard: Typically, Landscape products like decorative rock, decorative bark (aka beauty bark), top soil, compost, etc. are sold by the "cubic yard".  That is a cube that's 3 feet on each side.

Calculating your need: (an example)

Measure the length and width and depth of the area you need to fill.   For example, your yard is 20' by 30' and you want to put in a 6" deep layer of top soil. You would multiply: 20' x 30' x 0.5' (6" = half a foot). The total equals 300 cubic FEET. There are 27 cubic feet in a cubic yard so divide 300 cubic feet by 27 = 11.11 cubic yards

This is a short list of words and terms that are related to landscaping.  It is not all inclusive, but a good starting point to assist you in working with Landscape Supply providers.