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We're North Idaho Landscape Supplies in North Idaho

North Idaho Landscape Supplies is a locally owned, home grown, North Idaho company.  It has been our pleasure to serve this area and our customers for over twenty years!  We're not just a company.  We consider ourselves part of our community and the culture that is North Idaho.

A bit of philosophy and Information...

For plants and trees to grow well, three things are necessary.  First... Sunlight... Second... the proper amount of water and finally... nutritious soil.  We don't have control over the sun... you may have control over the water but North Idaho Landscape Supplies would love to help you to be sure you have the nutritious soil for the best plant and tree growth.

For your landscape to be beautiful... we believe it should also be "interesting".  Well applied color and textures are often pleasing to the eye.  We offer decorative crushed rock, round rock, lava rock etc. and decorative bark to enhance the look of your landscape.

Though you may not have considered how effective landscaping can improve Safety around your home... it's something worth thinking about.  Property overgrown with weeds may not just be an "eye sore" but a fire an home security problem.

If you're considering doing the landscaping yourself (moving or adding dirt, rock, bark and more) it can be a satisfying experience.  If your goal is to have the work done by a well qualified landscape professional; we can suggest a few in our area that can do the work for you

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North Idaho Landscape Supplies
11631 N Government Way
Hayden ID  83835


(At the corner of Buckles and Government Way)

Closed for the Winter Season  
Reopening in March, 2020 
(depending on the weather)

March - October Hours: 

Monday - Saturday 7:00am - 5:00pm

Sunday - 9:00am - 3:00pm

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